Software and Programming Manuals for industrial machines:
  • Excavators;
  • Welders;
  • Drying ovens;
  • Spraying machines;
  • Loaders;
  • Bar code readers;
  • Labelling machines;
  • Automatic filling of pizzas.
User Manuals:
  • Motorcars;
  • Motorbikes;
  • Helmets for motorbikes;
  • Manufacturing of polyurethane moulding- and dosing machines, foaming equipment, mixing heads, low/high pressure mixing units;
  • Mobile- and permanent telephones;
  • Fax machines;
  • Radios, CD-reader;
  • Calculators;
  • White goods: deep fryers, gas cookers, electric range cookers, ovens, fridges, washing machines, ironers;
  • Barbeques;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Shower cabinet/bath tubs with hydromassage;
  • Gardening (lawn mowers, trimmers);
  • Pellet stoves, etc.
Technical texts:
  • Military tents;
  • Protective equipment, clothing and footwear;
  • Building, flooring;
  • Chemical articles, cosmetic and beauty treatment, etc.
Toys, games and childcare products:
  • Baby chairs, car seats for children, bicycle child carriers;
  • Breast pumps;
  • Educational toys, plays and puzzle games: chemistry game, detective game, ”Make Your own Herbarium”, puzzles with numbers, words, grammar, etc.;
  • Internet games;
  • Cartoons, etc.
Books, publications:
  • Norwegian translation of the photographic book “Dolomitifjord” - Pictures around Norway and the Alpine Valleys - (with Italian, English and Norwegian texts), photographed and written by Diego Moratelli, published by ARCA Edizioni, November 2003;
  • Tourism and sport: Guides; Publications on agritourism, golf, camping, wine and oil production;
  • Invitations to tenders; submission of tenders;
  • Translation of the Norwegian website, press releases and video spots for ”FOOD4U”, a competition on proper nutrition, promoted each year since 2005 by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, addressed to students and their teachers in secondary schools in 16 European countries.
  • Certificates.
Legal translations:
  • Legal acts (penal, civil);
  • Contracts.